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😱 I can't find a record! Where is it?
😱 I can't find a record! Where is it?
Let's help you find the Record you're looking for
Written by Ben Standefer
Updated over a week ago

If you can't find a Record you're looking for:

  1. First, review the full set of Records you can search for with Dropbox Dash

  2. If you are searching for a Record from a supported Service, check that you've connected it in the Dropbox Dash desktop app's Settings:

    1. For cloud apps and services visit Settings > Integrations

    2. For local files and folders, visit Settings > Search Directories

Note that if you have the Dropbox Dash browser extension installed, web pages you've previously visited may be available in the Dropbox Dash desktop app even if you haven't connected that particular service.

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