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The fastest way to find and open opportunities and postings in Lever

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Once Dropbox Dash is connected to Lever you'll be able to search for and open job positing and opportunities in Lever.

Connecting Lever to Dropbox Dash

To integrate Dropbox Dash with Lever, you'll generate an API key in Lever, which requires admin permissions in Lever. You can follow these instructions or request a Lever admin in your organization to provide you a scoped API key, which can be generated under SettingsIntegrations & APIAPI Credentials in your Lever account.

  1. Generate New Key

    The Dropbox Dash integration uses the standard Lever API, so get started by clicking Generate New Key under that section.

    The Command E integration uses the standard Lever API, so get started by clicking

  2. Name your Key
    Give your connection a name like "Dropbox Dash" that helps you identify what the key is being used for:


  3. Select API endpoints
    Dropbox Dash only requires read-only access for list postings and list opportunities. Select these checkboxes to enable this new API key to access these API endpoints.


  4. Choose Confidential data access preference
    Dropbox Dash syncs information that can be protected under Lever's Confidential data access feature. We recommend leaving this disabled, but if you find that you need to sync this data for searching, make sure to allow it When you create your API key.


  5. Copy Key and Connect Lever
    When you are done setting the API key name, and giving it the correct permissions, don't forget to copy the key from the page, and then click the Done button at the bottom of the page.

    Once you have the key saved, you can then paste it into Dropbox Dash and click Connect Lever.


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