🔎 Search Google Drive

Once you've connected Dropbox Dash to your Google Workspace account, you can search for and quickly open your docs, sheets, slides and other files in Google Drive.

💡 Use the Hotword gg to only search for Records from Google Workplace

✍️ Create new docs, slides, and sheets

Just type new followed by the type of document your want to create in your Google Drive – doc, slides, sheet – and give it a title. If you have multiple Google Workspace accounts connected to Dropbox Dash, you can choose which account you want to use.

📇 Find and email contacts

Start typing a contact's name or email address and with a contact selected, press:

  • enter to compare a new email message in your default mail client

  • command + c (control + c on Windows) to copy their email address to your clipboard

💡 Use the Hotword ct to only search for Contact Records

Want to search across more Services? See the full list of integrations here.

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