💡Install the Dropbox Dash browser extension to take advantage of this feature

If you've got a bunch of existing Chrome or Firefox Bookmarks, or if there are specific web pages you want instant access to at any time, Dropbox Dash's got you covered.


If you have web pages you hop to frequently, you can save them to Dropbox Dash with our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Give them any title you want, and once saved, it's instantly available in the Dropbox Dash desktop app whenever you need it next.

Search and open Chrome and Firefox Bookmarks

Get instant access to all your bookmarks from Chrome, Firefox, and Dropbox Dash in one place. Use the Hotword bm, or just start typing the title of a Bookmark, and hit enter to open it in your chosen browser. That's it. 💥

What else can you search for in Dropbox Dash?

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