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🌏 Install browser extensions
🌏 Install browser extensions

Save pages for quick access in the desktop app and quickly jump to previously visited web pages, open tabs, and browser bookmarks

Written by Ben Standefer
Updated over a week ago

What can you do with the Dropbox Dash browser extension?

Start by installing an extension – it only takes a few seconds


  1. Visit the Dropbox Dash listing in the chrome web store and click Add to Chrome

  2. Click 🧩 in the top-right of your Chrome window

  3. Find Dropbox Dash in the list of extensions and click πŸ“Œ to Pin the extension

  4. You should now see Dropbox Dash to the right of the search box in Chrome

  5. You're all done πŸ™Œ


  1. Visit the Dropbox Dash listing in the Firefox Browser Add-Ons and click Add to Firefox then Add

  2. You're all done πŸŽ‰


  1. Visit the Dropbox Dash listing in the Mac App Store and click Get then Install

  2. Once installed turn it on under Safari > Preferences > Extensions

  3. You're all done 🎊

⚠️ Note

Searching past browsing history and Safari bookmarks is not yet supported by the Safari extension – we're working on it!

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